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Core Stretch
Stallion Stretch.jpeg

Member Pricing

30-minutes $75                               5-pack $350  60-minutes $130                              3-pack $625

Non-member Pricing

30-minutes $155                                3-pack $450

60-minutes $200                               3-pack $585

Assisted isolated stretching(AIS) has a multitude of benefits.  Flexibility and stress relief are just the tip of the iceberg. AIS can help Increase the flow of blood and oxygen to muscles to aid in recovery and help correct muscular imbalances and movement restrictions that  cause pain. AIS can play an important role in reducing tension from tight, overactive  muscles so they aren’t fighting against each other.  

If you’re ready to start learning more about becoming pain-free, learn more about our services and start your journey towards  natural, pain-free movment! 

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